International Service

Serving people in need around the world is an incredible experience that opens your heart to the needs of others, expands your world-view, and brings your faith to life through action. Choose the trip that’s right for you from one of our 15 locations and over 30 dates. Your service options will range from building a house for someone who doesn’t have one, repairing a home that is not providing adequate shelter, engage children through a Vacation Bible School experience, visit an orphanage or any number of ways to show Gods love to an international community. Whatever you do we guarantee it will have a life-changing impact on you and those you serve.


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Your faith will grow as you see God at work through your efforts.

You will experience the culture and get to know the people that you are serving.

You will be on an adventure of a lifetime as you explore a new land and experience new things.

You will learn that by serving with a local team on the ground that your week of service plays an important role in sustaining their efforts all year round.

International missions are a one-of-a-kind global experience designed to grow your faith. Come join us on an adventure that will change your life.

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