World Outreach

Operation Kid-to-Kid is one of the world’s largest service outreach programs for children. Nondenominational Christian organizations, Group’s Vacation Bible School programs, and Group Cares team up to get kids involved with helping other kids. Kids have the opportunity to help other children around the world by giving gifts like school supplies, Bibles, hygiene kits, Christmas gifts, Bible coloring books, and socks and shoes. Children have also funded extensive malaria prevention and clean water initiatives in Africa and India!

Year after year, Operation Kid-to-Kid is one of the driving forces in mobilizing children to serve other kids in need. Each year millions of dollars are given by kids to help other kids in need.

US Kids Giving


Kids Helped

2017 Operation Kid-to-Kid


Imagine rising at dawn, grabbing a bucket, and heading down to the muddy banks of the river to get your family’s water for the day. The water you pull up is brown, murky, and filled with sediment. You have to get the water early to allow time for the dirt to settle to the bottom. Even then the “clean” water at the top will be filled with parasites that could make your family sick.

This is a daily reality for countless rural villagers throughout Peru…families who don’t have access to safe, clean drinking water. Digging effective wells is expensive and much be done by professionals who can dig deeply enough to find sustainable water sources.

This summer Operation Kid-to-Kid is mobilizing millions of children to help bring clean water to families in remote villages in Peru. Participants will partner with Group Cares and Living Water International to help provide sustainable wells throughout Peru.

Kids Building House

How it Works

Each day at VBS, you’ll give your kids an opportunity to bring in monetary donations that they can drop into this 3 ft. x 3 ft. “well.” As the donations rise to the top, they’ll be like the life-giving water reaching kids in some of Peru’s most remote areas. Wow! You can also use the Operation Kid-to-Kid Poster Pack to show your VBS participants why Operation Kid-to-Kid exists. What a great visual reminder of how your VBS is bringing a refreshing, life-saving resource to kids in Peru!

With the Operation Kid-toKid Poster Pack, Daniel, Ty, and Millie show your VBS participnats why Operation Kid-to-Kid exists.

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The Math

Just $5 per person provides clean water for an entire year for a child in a remote Peruvian village!

2016 Operation Kid-to-Kid

Kid Reading Thai Bible

Year In Review

In 2016 we partnered with Group Workcamps to provide basic home repairs for families who don’t have a safe place to play, sleep, study, live, and grow. It’s an incredible program where profound life-change happens for both the workers and the families they help. The repairs are done by teenagers who volunteer for these camps and experience the joy that comes with being the hands of Jesus for these families. The funds raised in 2016 will benefit Group Workcamp programs during the summer of 2017. The families themselves experience the dignity and hope that comes with the simple fulfillment of a safe place to live.

Homes Repaired

If you wish to send a check or money order, please mail to:

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