Over 2 million Americans are trapped in their homes

Due to a lack of wheelchair ramps many people with mobility issues are physically unable to leave their houses and have become imprisoned.

Group Cares has built over 5,000 wheelchair ramps and served those in need for over 28 years through the help of our volunteers at Group Mission Trips and your donations to the Ramps to Freedom Project. Our mission is to help transform lives—from the lives of people in need that we serve, to the lives of our volunteers and donors who experience life change through giving. 100% of your donations goes directly to the materials to build the wheelchair ramps—join our efforts and give our forgotten neighbors the gift of freedom and mobility they deserve.

How it works

We utilize three concepts to accomplish these projects each year

Organizing help

We work with church youth groups to engage 15,000 teenage volunteers each year with meaningful service projects to help them deepen a compassionate worldview. Each volunteer crew is overseen by adult volunteers who ensure the ramps are constructed according to ADA and county building codes.

Raising funds

All monetary donations for Ramps to Freedom are used to purchase materials to build safe wheelchair ramps for needy residents with mobility issues. Each ramp averages approximately $1000 in materials and any amount you can give will help us build someone another ramp to freedom.

Selecting recipients

There is no shortage of people who desperately need safe, accessible wheelchair ramps, and we work directly with local community partners to find those in need and organize their project, provide trained volunteer labor and materials to complete each ramp.

We need your help!

Our goal for 2019 is to provide 130 wheelchair ramps around our country for people in need. 100% of your donation will go directly to fund the project materials. Donate or sponsor a ramp today!

  • Percentage of goal to $130,000 4%