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The GMT Challenge

Any experience with Group Mission Trips is full of challenge. We’re challenged to serve others in new ways, to grow in our relationships and with Jesus. The brand-new GMT Challenge will bring a new challenge to the Group Mission Trip experience.

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April 24, 2021

Group Mission Trips, a ministry of Group Cares, creates short-term mission trips that have long-lasting impact on both the people and communities served and the participants who are serving.

To support the planning, preparation, execution of mission trips around the country, each participant of The GMT Challenge is asked to raise funds through their chosen activity. We’ve thought of many examples to inspire ways to challenge yourself to do something you’ve never done before. It could be exercise or sport or craft or hobby. View ideas below!

As a participant in The GMT Challenge, we will provide you with a fundraising webpage with tools and tips to help you reach your fundraising goal.

GMT Challenge

How it works

The “challenge” of The GMT Challenge is yours to decide. Whatever you love doing – on April 24, 2021 do that for Group Mission Trips. But… do that in some way you’ve never done before. Challenge yourself!

Below are examples of different ways you could participate in The GMT Challenge.


  • Run – If you usually run 2.5 miles, could you for 5 miles?
  • Walk/Hike – If you usually walk or hike 10 miles, could you for 20 miles?
  • Swim – If you usually swim 20 laps a day, could you swim 100 laps?
  • Cycling – If you usually ride for 25 miles, could you for 100 miles?


  • Tennis – If you usually play for an hour, could you play for 3 hours?
  • Bowling – If you usually bowl 3 games, could you bowl 10 games?
  • Golf – If you usually play 18 holes, could you play 36?
  • Basketball – If you usually shoot 100 shots, could you shoot 500?


  • Gaming – – If you usually play online, could you complete an entire game in story mode?
  • Knit/Crochet – If you usually create one item in a day, could you create 5?
  • Fishing – – If you usually fish for 3 hours, could you fish for 8?
  • Cook/Bake – If you can usually make 5 dozen in one day, could you make 25?
  • Gardening – If you usually plant flowers, could you plant vegetables?


  • Dance – If you usually dance for an hour, could you for 3 hours?
  • Music – If you usually play your instrument for an hour, could you for 5?
  • Painting – If you usually paint a picture in one day, could paint 3?
  • Sing – If you can sing hymns for 30 minutes, could you for 3 hours?

Hopefully these ideas help you dream about what “challenge” you take on to raise money for Group Mission Trips. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jeff Thompson at or 970-342-6980.

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