Group Cares has helped thousands of people since 1977 through donations of money, time, and effort.
Meaningful ministries such as Group Mission Trips, Operation Kid-to-Kid, Group Gives, and Squash
Malaria are changing the hearts of people worldwide!

Welcome to Group Cares

Group Cares has been helping and serving people in need since the 1970′s. One of the ways Group Cares has been so active in serving has been by providing the community with ways to get involved in ministry. In that time, Group Cares has impacted thousands of lives and communities all around the world. Millions of volunteer hours have been put toward impacting those in need. Countless generous donations have been given to help others. Many people are struggling due to diseases, natural disasters, and poverty. That’s where Group Cares comes in.

We’ve been called upon to do God’s work through servanthood. While people serve others, they serve God. That’s why Group Cares has set out to help everyone in need through our ministry programs. We not only provide needy individuals with the assistance they so desperately need and deserve, we help strengthen their faith in an effort to show them they’re not alone.

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ima1Each year, Group Gives honors non-profit organizations and makes contributions to help them continue giving their time and efforts to help others. Your donations will go directly to helping those organizations continue their causes and service to God. Click here to donate!